2012 Leadership Conference: Reaching for the Peak of Excellence

Tuesday, July 31st through Thursday, August 2nd 2012
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Design Matters: 7 Principles for more effective visuals in worship
The language of image is one that must be learned. Whether you know the rules or not, this design 101 course that will teach 7 time tested principles for design that, when implemented, will take your visuals to the next level. Designed with media producers in mind, this course will help beginners and seasoned artists alike.
Led by: Jason Moore

20 Ways to Use Media in Worship
Pre-Conference: (Extra Cost- TBA)
This interactive workshop will explore 20 ways to use media in worship ranging from the simple, to the advanced. In the first half, we'll explore 10 common ways to use media in worship, and then offer next level ideas to improve them. Next we'll look at 10 advanced ways to use media in worship that are likely to inspire and expose participants to new methods of creative communication.
Led by: Jason Moore

50 Ways to increase Worship Attendance Without a Change of Pastors
If you would like to reach your mission field with the good news of Jesus Christ, OR if you are frustrated that your church cannot seem to break through to a higher level of attendance - then this workshop is for you.  Bob Crossman will share a variety of ways to improve the attendance of your member households; respond to absentees before they ‘drop out’ of active attendance; welcome worship guests in appropriate ways; and invite guests to begin the journey toward faithful discipleship.
Led by: Bob Crossman

Focus: The Real Challenges That Face The United Methodist Church
Few would argue that many challenges face The United Methodist Church. But what are the core issues and concerns, the ones that must be addressed if the church is to follow God’s leading into the future? Laying aside what can be merely tweaked or adjusted, what must the UMC “reset” about itself? For this workshop, Lovett Weems will teach from his popular book, Focus: The Real Challenges That Face The United Methodist Church.
Led by: Lovett Weems

Mosaic Churches: How to Lead and Grow a Multicultural Church
There are four types of multi-cultural churches, and author and professor Bob Whitesel will show you how to determine which one might be best for your church.  He will then give you four steps for leading almost any congregation into becoming a multicultural church. The goal is not only Kingdom growth, but also reconciliation/unity between people of different cultures.
Led by: Bob Whitesel

Balancing the Good News with Good Deeds: 3 Stages to Turning a Church Inside-Out

This workshop looks at three proven steps to change a congregation's natural inclination to turn inward, into a missional focus of serving non-churchgoers. Bob Whitesel will use real-life case studies of churches that are turning outward, and will show you how to utilize these principles to turn almost any congregation outward in approximately six to nine months.

Led by: Bob Whitesel

Getting Small Groups to Reach Out: The Key to Missionalizing Groups

You will learn how to keep small groups from becoming cliquish via three principles developed at St. Thomas' Church in Sheffield, England.  Bob Whitesel, whose research includes how to make small groups evangelistic, will share three principles for mobilizing small groups to meet the needs of non-churchgoers.

Led by: Bob Whitesel

Innovative Leadership Project
Learn how to lead the Innovative Leadership Project at your church.  The ILP is a seven-month process for creating a healthy leadership team that implements powerful strategies for church vitality.  For more info go to http://churchleaderUMC.com.
Led by: Craig Miller

Gen2Gen: Sharing Jesus Across the Generations
Learn about the unique opportunities churches have to bridge the gap between the generations.  Based on a new resource from GBOD on Gen2Gen: Sharing Jesus Across the Generations.
Led by: Craig Miller

The Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches
NCD Worldwide Research shows there are eight essential qualities that are necessary for any church to be healthy. What are those qualities? How do identify them and work to improve them? This workshop will unpack the components we researched in each quality characteristic and offer insights on how church leaders can influence the environment in their church to produce better health. NCD…a different approach with different results!
Led by: David Wetzler

Personal Transformation Precedes Corporate Transformation
We have learned the hard way over the past fifteen years that for many churches there will not be church health and transformation unless the heads, hearts and hands of their leaders are prepared to respond to the prompting of God in their lives. It is about YOU. Transformation starts with YOU and the leadership core of the church. When individuals discover their personal call and mission THEN there is hope for the church. Come join us for this workshop and start the road to transformation!
Led by: David Wetzler

Taking Flight With Creativity: Worship Design Teams That Work
The tendency in the church is to plan worship in a siloed approach; planning every aspect of worship as individuals. The result is worship that feels disconnected and that fails to live up to its potential. Creating truly mission-centered worship that drives participants deeper in their faith takes a creative approach that is the result of a collaborative process. In this workshop designed for pastors, musicians, media ministers and other creatives, participants will be led through an exploration of what it looks like to design worship as a team. The workshop will also identify a series of obstacles that keeps sincere, hard working people grounded, and the solutions for how to get worship design teams in the air.
Led by: Jason Moore

Practical Planning for Small and Mid-Size Churches
We are living in an era of dramatic change, but how does the church plan for change?  We’ll talk about simple, easy-to-use ways to help your church leadership embark on a journey of positive change.  We’ll start with simple models and gradually make them more involved and complex.  Then you can pick-and-choose the model or models that are just right for your church today and as it moves into the future. 
Led by: Marv Vose

Senior Minister/Musician Relationships (tenative title)
More details to come...
Led by: Steve Harter

Coach Approaches to Leadership Development

Welcome to the journey of coaching. This workshop is about introducing the basic coach approach and coaching skills.   Coaching is widely recognized as one of the fundamental leadership tools that denominational leaders, pastors and lay leaders need in order to work effectively.  Coaching is about change and movement toward life transformation.  The workshop will offer coaching skills including asking powerful questions, reframing perspectives, setting SMART goals and making commitment to action followed by accountability.

Led by: Youngsook Kang and Marv Vose

Needs-Based Evangelism
This workshop will be based upon Dr. Pierson's book The Good Samaritan Church and his program Ten to Tell. This workshop will be offered twice during the conference. It will provide a plan and materials for evangelism that is extremely effective in our secular culture and natural for a local church to develop in a way that will be practical in keeping in place for many years.
Led by: Bob Pierson

Effective Singles Ministry
Pre-Conference: (Extra Cost- TBA)
Half of the marriages in America are ending in divorce, and churches are neglecting this great need in American society. Jesus taught us to be like the Good Samaritan, and there’s no place in America where people are hurting like the experience of being single again.In this workshop, Dr. Pierson will provide clear specific instructions for singles’ ministries that work, that reach new people and that meet the needs of your own congregation.
Led by: Bob Pierson

Effective Pastoral Leadership Today
This workshop will be taught be Dr. Bob Pierson, former pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Tulsa, chairman of United Methodist Church Large Church Initiative, and Director of Robert Schuler’s Churches United for Global Ministry. He will review the basic characteristics of effective pastoral leadership. The topic of this workshop might be titled Things You Did Not Learn in Seminary. It will review some basic understandings of social organizations dealing with conflict and confusion, providing practical leadership among the staff and laity, and strategically planning goals that can and will work.
Led by: Bob Pierson

The Shape of Healing: Simple Ways the Church Can Care for Hurting Children and Families
This workshop will provide both theory and practice for ministering during times of crisis, hurt and change.
Led by: Leanne Hadley

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